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Seasons Greetings, Newsletter, Symmetry Closure Notice Today to 6th January 2014

QNX and Symmetry wishing you a safe and happy festive season 2013
Seasons Greetings
Symmetry Innovations wishes you a safe and happy festive season 2013

Click Image to view on website.

The "Imagine" video

Imagine - Future In Car systems - youtube
Complete QNX CAR video collection.


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Don't want this email!

  • Please go to the bottom of the email and press the link to be removed - Thanks and sorry if it bothered you. I admit I have again added everyone I communicated with this year (trying to avoid re-adding those who requested deletion) so please accept my seasons wishes and remove yourself from the list so you do not get any further technical emails. Thanks again - Rob.

You may have seen that you were added to the Symmetry Web Register. What actually happened is I unloaded the database - deleted a bunch of old registrations - then reloaded the database. It tells you so you can click the link and de-register. There are still many old, and I am sure - unwanted - registrations so please de-register or have me do it for you.

It has been pointed out that it has actually been many months since the monthly newsletter was last sent. My apologies.

We have been in our new Mitchell office for almost 12 months where we have been running free Boot Camp courses in QNX development, BSP's, Static analysis and other tools, and we have run some certified training courses. The Boot Camps have been well received and are certainly fun.

Even with the tremors of the BB business movements there has been no slowing down at QNX. There have been as many major design wins and software release as any similar period in their history. Symmetry have also worked hard to improve our offering to Australian/NZ developers. We have added the Goanna Static Analysis tool from Red Lizard to our tool set and up-skilled ourselves in software quality matters. We have created alliances that will help our customers with hardware and BSP phases of their projects. And we have found a more standard solution to secure boot and embedded security work that we have been doing which can be customised to specific requirements - the Cypherbridge Systems products for any RTOS. Hardware for old and new QNX versions is easy enough to find and we continue to work wit Backplane Systems, ETE, and others to validate more good hardware options. Further to that this year we researched SCADA and RTU requirements, got to know the IsaGraf rep, and signed up with Koenig for ETHERCAT. Now we are more of a "one stop shop" where previously we simply handed out contact details.

BSP News. Many projects require very low energy consumption but still demand a heap of function from the applications and hence the OS and CPU. Freescale and TI have produced AM335x and the P1010+ respectively. Both these systems run QNX 6.5 beautifully. No cut down RTOS here - the full runtime environment.

However, if you need a Tiny RTOS and hava a CPU in mind that has no MMU. SMX V4 is ready to serve. Fully featured with all the drivers and services you need. SMX has a clean well designed architecture that allows for the use of any or all the modules to be used in your project but further - for use of modules as part of your existing project regardless of the OS in use.

I hope you find this mail usefull and the info and links below of interest.
Items in this mail are:
  1. What's New.
    • Something even for 20 year old security systems on QNX4
    • Industrial Automation
    • Automotive and Future Gazing
    • Low Energy Bluetooth (Clarinox Blue)
    • JAVA (Aicas JamaicaVM 6.2-5)
    • Press Releases
  2. The QNX Newsletters (quote from Paul's On Q blog.)
  3. CPUs for CAR, General Embedded, and IA
  4. BSP Update - Links to BSPs
  5. Recient Whitepapers
  6. Software Quality Matters + Goanna Static Analysis
  7. Security in Embedded Systems and SCADA/RTUs
  8. Webinars and More Whitepapers for Christmas down time

BTW - take a look at our new websites "", "", and "".

1) What's New.

Something even for 20 year old security systems on QNX4

Old SCADA systems and 20 year old security systems originally from Chubb and Tecom that are based on QNX Windows are still in service. Replacing the hardware for these systems became a little difficult due outdated QNX Windows video card drivers. After QNX Windows drivers ceased being developed the SciTech series of divers was produced - giving users another 10 years of cover. Now KPDA have produced "VBE3" driver that will provide another 5+ years support for you faithful software.

Check their blog,246.0.html

QNX4 Hardware support.

Far from being abandoned on old technology QNX4 users are rewarded with more hardware options from Intel. We have QNX4 working on Xeon and Corei7 based systems (albeit on 1 core), down to low power ATOM based systems, and even tiny computers based on the Vortex86DX2 system on chip.


On to the modern age with QNX 6.5 SP1.

The biggest news this year has been in 3 areas:

  1. Industrial Automation with the PCL reference kit (Freescale, IsaGraf, QNX and Koenig ETHERCAT)

  2. QNX Software Systems has collaborated with several partners to build two pre-integrated PLC reference platforms that can speed the development of PLCs and other industrial control applications.

    The platforms integrate the QNX® Neutrino® RTOS from QNX Software Systems; ladder logic and EtherCAT software from companies such as IsaGRAF, KW-Software, and koenig-pa; and hardware such as the Freescale QorIQ® TWR-P1025 Tower System Module and TI Sitara™ AM335x ARM™ Cortex™-A8 processor

  3. Automotive future car systems.
  4. Just relax and check out some YouTube Videos.

  5. Bluetooth Low Energy (Clarinox Blue)
  6. Video: Clarinox Video

    As part of the our medical demo that we demonstrated at CEBIT this year we modified the QNX Demo config to accept data from an Acceletometer connected to another node, using QNX transparrent networking,to show the platform flexibility as a basis for prototypes. We had Trish from Clarinox with us demonstrating Bluetooth on QNX and educating visitors on the technology.

JAVA (Aicas)

Aicas has just completed work on JamaicaVM 6.2-5 maintenance release. This release includes various defect repairs, and an update for strong chryptographic support. This release is available to customers with current annual support. Please contact to request download links if you are under an annual support contract.


January 08, 2013
QNX CAR Application Platform 2.0 Chosen by Delphi for Next-Generation Infotainment Systems
January 08, 2013
QNX Announces Release of QNX CAR Platform 2.0
January 08, 2013
QNX Re-imagines the Driving Experience with New Technology Concept Car
January 08, 2013
Elektrobit Demonstrates EB Street Director Navigation Software with QNX CAR Application Platform 2.0 at CES 2013
January 07, 2013
QNX Announces New In-Car Speech Recognition Framework to Understand a Speaker's Intent
February 12, 2013
Acontis Announces EC-Motion EtherCAT Motion Library for QNX Neutrino RTOS
February 26, 2013
QNX Demos New Industrial Reference Platforms for Faster Application Development at Embedded World 2013
February 26, 2013
Bsquare to Distribute QNX Operating System and Development Tool Products
April 17, 2013
7digital and QNX partner to bring high quality digital music to millions of in-car infotainment systems
May 7, 2013
QNX and Renesas to Integrate Renesas R-Car SoC and QNX CAR Application Platform

2) The QNX Newsletters (quote from Paul's On Q blog.)

What do you mean, you haven't read the latest QNX newsletter?

Seriously, folks, there's no excuse. All you have to do is subscribe. It's easy, it's painless, and it's free of clauses asking for your first-born child.

What's that, you say? You're not the subscribing type? Hey, no worries, I'm cool with that. In fact, you can be cool with it, too, since you can also access the newsletter (aka "The Source") by visiting this QNX webpage. So bookmark it in your browser. And don't go another month without keeping track of what's happening at QNX.

3) CPUs for CAR, General Embedded, and Industrial Automation.

We had fun with QNX on the TI AM335x both on the Phytec board and on the starter kit. The Freescale IMX 6 runs QNX nicely on the Sabre lite board. The PANDA board created interest with the TI OMAP4460.

Again with the Freescale but this time the Power architecture"QorIQ P1010" processor.

The Vortex86DX2 i mentioned above is in a nifty little package called a TQ-50 and it runs QNX4 and QNX6 of course consuming about 2 Watts).

You can buy some of these at and the QNX BSPs can be downloaded from the QNX website. (Ask us to do it for you if you like)

The BSP directory is at

AM335x (we have worked with the 3358 and the 3359)

Specs Pages

QNX BSP on Phytec Video

AM335x Starter Kit

IT Starter Kit pages

OnQ post detailing the Starter Kit and the QNX Accelerator Kit functionality.

Buy it: Element14

Freescale i.MX 6 SABRE Lite board

Video - QNX Demo with GUI by Crank Software.

Buy it: Element14.

QorIQ, P1010 and others

Specs Page

Video - there is a 5 minute video on the Specs page you feel like a break and 2 more links below.

Video P1023

Video P5020 or read the QNX Press release on the P5020

And the PLC reference platform P1025

Specs Page

Buy it: You can buy from that Specs Page link as well.

4) BSP Update - links.

ARM Architecture

Marvell Armada PXA2128 Qseven BSP 2013-05-09 Texas Instruments OMAP5432 EVM  6.5.0 SP1 Cortex A15  2013-05-15 Xilinx Zynq 7000 ZC702 EVM  6.5.0 SP1 Cortex A9 
Freescale i.MX6Q Sabre Lite Freescale i.MX6Q Sabre ARD/Sabre AI Freescale i.MX6Q Nitrogen6x Freescale i.MX6Q Sabre Board for Smart Devices Freescale i.MX53 Sabre AI Texas Instruments DRA6xx and DM811x Jacinto 5 ECO EVM Texas Instruments OMAP 3530 Beagle 2013-04-04 Freescale i.MX6Q Sabre Lite 6.5.0 SP1 Cortex A9 2013-04-01 Freescale i.MX51 EVK 6.5.0 SP1, 6.5.0, 6.4.1 Cortex A8
2013-04-04 Texas Instruments DRA6xx and DM811x Jacinto 5 ECO EVM 6.5.0 SP1 Cortex A8

Power Architecture


Freescale P3041DS


Freescale P2041RDB-PB
2013-05-06 Freescale P5020-DS 6.5.0 SP1 QorIQ P5020
2013-04-05 Freescale P4080DS-PA 6.5.0, 6.5.0 SP1 QorIQ P4080
2013-04-12 Freescale MPC8308-RDB 6.5.0 SP1 MPC8308-RDB


6) Software Quality Matters + Goanna Static Analysis

Goanna is a static analysis tool for C and C++. It was spun out of NICTA into Redlizard. Quality software finding a foothold in Germany.

Historically, application developers focus on functional testing which has worked well but left many bugs to be found in the field.  Structural quality is managed by training developers, having corporate coding standards, and by design and code reviews - as a minimum.  Many sites running on a low budget seem to drop much of the structural review - placing a heavy burden on the developers.  Mostly, developers do not see this as a problem because - unlike many industries - fault is not exhaustively traced back to them.  Not yet anyway. However, more and more customers and authorities are requiring standards to be met.  Commonly this involves proof of improvement through each build.

The Goanna - Static Analysis tool is in the class of Coverity, Klocwork,and Parasoft but is quite different to PC Lint.

The Goanna suite of static analysis tools pinpoint defects and vulnerabilities in C/C++ programs including: 

1. access violations
2. memory leaks
3. array and string overruns
4. division by zero
5. unspecified, non-portable, and/or dangerous constructs
6. security vulnerabilties

See and our new site Symmetry Goanna Site


One of the main lists checked by these tools are defined by MISRA


SonarQube is an open platform to manage code quality and covers 7 aspects of code quality. 

1. Architecture & Design
3. Duplications
4. Coding Rules
5. Potential bugs
6. Complexity
7. Unit Tests


There are free pluggins available to extend sonar. It covers more than 20 programming languages including Java, C#, .NET(C# + VB.NET).

For Java and C# there are free pluggins.

C/C++ pluggins are not free. One of them is goanna.

More information can be found at


                 Hands on Sonar Dashboard / Demo dashboard can be found at


7) Security in Embedded Systems and SCADA/RTUs

At a recent SCADA conference in Brisbane we heard a lot of discussion on virtualizing the SCADA systems. In general the view, from users and vendors, was that it was possible and that it was useful - but not necessarily supported by all SCADA vendors. Furthermore it was not necessarily wise in all cases. In other words - its an engineering decision that needs to take into account all the relevant factors.

From a QNX vendor, and embedded systems engineering, viewpoint it was interesting that the focus was more on issues like ease of hardware management and the ease of redundant system provisioning which rated higher than simplicity, performance, and minimizing points of failure. This may reflect architectural differences in modern deployment (the mechanics of SCADA to RTU comms), or perhaps just reflect a trust in virtualization technology. In any case it leads me to the topic that some users have put QNX4 based systems on VMs with some success. Remember many of these systems were originally written for 33Mhz 486 hardware so you would expect a VM to provide sufficient grunt on a 3.4Ghz machine. Our tests worked OK but did show some poor I/O results and some activity caused interference with the Guest clock. If that’s not a problem then it may be a VM may be a solution.

Two presentations at the SCADA conference made mention of a slow uptake of security in the control space. Examples were given of companies believing they maintained an “air gap” only to find out the networks were indeed connected to the internet. Examples were given of hackers intentionally and unintentionally gaining access to control systems. I will not detail the failure points here but it was interesting that for various (and some good) reasons this issue has not been addressed.

However, if you want to begin addressing these issues in your remote systems start with some software that has some of the work done already. Take a look at the Cypherbridge modules for Secure Boot, VPN and SSL. Designed for embedded systems. And if you want to get clear of the Linux risks try a different RTOS – there are many and I suggest SMX or QNX. (I LOVE LINUX just not for everything)

The Cypherbridge products are well presented at: and our new website

Symmetry Security Site

8) Webinars and Whitepapers

Some of these videos are featured above. Others did not fit a category so they are here.

Webinars presented during the past quarter (if you missed any of these webinars you can download the archived version at your convenience)
In-vehicle product differentiation: open standards vs open source
Date: December 11, 2012
Speaker: Andrew Poliak(QNX)

PLC Made Easy: A Day in the Life of Developing a Pre-Integrated EtherCAT® Programmable Logic Controller
Date: December 4, 2012
Speakers: Chris Ault (QNX) and John Ralston (Freescale)

Using the OS and the silicon to ensure high availability in embedded industrial systems
Date: December 5, 2012 
Speakers: Chris Ault (QNX) and Srik Gurrapu (Texas Instruments)

Focusing on Traceablility in Software Development for Safe Medical Devices
Date: February 12, 2013
Speakers: Chris Ault (QNX) and Mark Pitchford (LDRA)

More Whitepapers

The Essentials of Automotive Hands-Free Systems
Discover the 10 things to look for in a hands-free solution, from acoustic echo cancellation to wind buffet suppression. Hear all the facts, without double-talk!

Ten Truths about Building Safe Embedded Software Systems

Learn why it’s important to look beyond the strictly technical challenges. A review of 10 fundamental, but often ignored truths, from nurturing a safety culture to working with SOUP.

For more information use the links at the right or contact:

Robert Cameron
Symmetry Innovations Pty.
Unit 1, 6 Dacre Street
Mitchell, Australia
ACT 2911
Tel: +61 2 6248 6611
Fax: +61 2 6248 8383

11 Dec 2013

Static Analysis for C and C++ with broad platform support.

Looking for code quality?
Goanna Static Analysis
a Tool for all C/C++ developers.

Sliced Bread and Bottled Beer simply don't hold a candle to the Goanna Static Analysis tools suite - if you're a C/C++ programmer. Or indeed if you are managing a software team tasked with getting a quality outcome. Goanna is the best thing to emerge in the Static Analysis arena for a long time. There are some great tools that have been servicing the bigger projects for a long time. If you are using one of them - stick with it. If not - you should be. In which case I invite you to give Goanna a serious look.

Projects appear to be more tightly resourced than they have ever been. Staff are doing more autonomously than I believe was previously expected. What has suffered is process.

Process included top down specification of the application, design reviews at every level, and so on. You know the drill - we all learned it. So why do we hear that code reviews are rarely performed and that developers are working in towers? Its not rare. Also there are many single developer projects lumbering the search for rare and sporadic software failures on the lone developer.

Bring in some help. Tools are better at helping us visualise and test our code than ever before. But C and C++ are powerful languages. This is good for the wise and experienced and fun for the bold and daring.

The Motor Industry discovered long ago that certain coding constructs and behavior resulted in software issues - so they developed some rules. There are various sets of rules and a variety of applications (tools) designed to find suspect bits of code in your source files.

What is Goanna?
Goanna is an industry leading static analysis tool that detects a wide range of bugs, vulnerabilities, and general deficiencies in C/C++ source code. Goanna Studio is tightly integrated in Visual Studio (Windows) and Eclipse (Windows/Linux).

Goanna supports a number of industry standards for C and C++:

Cutting Edge Technology Goanna uses advanced model checking technology delivering highly efficient path coverage for all functions.

Whole Program Interprocedural Analysis Goanna Studio supports whole program analysis for checking, e.g., that null pointers are not passed on and dereferenced in other functions.

Incremental Analysis Goanna Studio generates digital fingerprints of earlier analyzed functions and prevents potentially costly re-analysis when the function has not changed.

Abstract Data Value Tracking Goanna Studio automatically tracks potential ranges of variables, detecting possible array overruns, overflows, and arithmetic errors.

Over 200 Classes of Checks Growing number of high-value checks ensure that even more critical bugs can be found at development time. An in-depth list of checks can be found in the distribution available for download and in the user manuals.

Analyze Files, Projects, and Solutions Goanna Studio for Visual Studio supports the analysis of whole solutions, single projects and even selected set of files for quick analysis.

Unique Path Simulator Goanna Studio can "replay" bugs directly in the IDE to better understand its cause.

Reporting and Exporting Analysis results can be filtered by file and defect type, and exported in CSV format for further triage.

>> Still Reading? - well you may be interested in this :- Java developers are not imune. It's oldish but interesting:

We can't help you with Java - yet.

Unit 1, 6 Dacre Street, Mitchell, ACT 2911, Australia
t: +61 2 6248 6611 | f: +61 2 6248 8383
e: | w:

9 May 2013

Symmetry April 2013 Newsletter - CEBIT and Free Training Invitations

Symmetry March 2013 Newsletter - CEBIT and Free Training Invitations
Symmetry News:

QNX in medicine

SMX V4.1

Goanna Static Analysis

and CEBIT.

Happy Easter!

Click the Symmetry Logo to view on website.


QNX Software Development Platform.
SMX Evals and Demos.
GOANNA Evaluation.


Register and get started immediately



Don't want this email!

  • Please go to the bottom of the email and press the link to be removed - Thanks and sorry if it bothered you. Thanks again - Rob.

The year is well under way and projects are really ramped up. We have also been a little busy trying to give something back. Take a look at the PyQNX6 pages.

With so many projects now being bedded down on very functional MCUs the guys at Micro Digital have been working hard to support the most popular chips with very functional BSPs - while at the same time have managed to release a substantial upgrade to the SMX RTOS with Version 4.1 out now.

We will be presenting these and the QNX Medical product offerings at CEBIT in May. Please come along and be prepared to spend a little time working with the tools.

Items in this mail are:

QNX - the medical offering (IEC62304).

The QNX® Neutrino® RTOS for medical devices is a key component of QNX Software Systems’ solution for medical device manufacturers. It is designed to help medical customers meet stringent regulatory requirements by reducing the time and effort needed in pre-market qualification activities.

With the growing complexity of today’s medical devices, regulatory scrutiny is becoming more stringent. Choosing a pre-qualified component with a known pedigree can significantly aid in the qualification process. The QNX Neutrino RTOS for medical devices is qualified by an independent third party to be compliant with IEC 62304, a standard for "Medical device software – Software life cycle processes". The product is supported on ARM, Power, and x86 processors.

The QNX Neutrino RTOS for medical devices contains:
Binaries for microkernel and process manager, with support for adaptive partitioning and multicore processors Independent third-party declaration of compliance to IEC 62304 Installation and usage guide.

There have been a lot of webinars during 2012 but just take a look at this one for Medical projects.

We will be showing the medical reference design at CEBIT so come and take a look. QNX Reference Design Page.

SMX V4.1 - Introduced

SMX® is a no-royalty, modular, multitasking RTOS for embedded systems developed by Micro Digital.

It offers: multitasking kernel and kernel awareness debugger plugin, TCP/IP stack, FAT and flash file systems, USB host stack, USB device stack, USB OTG, WiFi 802.11 stack, GUI, and IEEE 754 floating point library.

The focus of the SMX RTOS, and the smx kernel in particular, is to increase safety, security, and reliability of embedded systems, and to offer features, tools, and support needed to ease application development so projects finish on time. This is in contrast to thin RTOS alternatives that have simplistic code, inadequate documentation, superficial debug tools, and poor support.

Are you interested in any of these boards?

  • LPC1768-SK
  • LPC1788-SK
  • LPC2148-SK
  • LPC2478-SK
  • STM32F207ZG-SK
  • STM32F407ZG-SK
  • STR711-SK
  • STR750-SK
  • STR912-SK
  • TMS470R1B1M-SK

Then check out the evaluation kits:

SMX® Free Evaluation Kits are available for these KickStart boards.

GOANNA - Finally a Static Analysis tool that integrates with ease.

Goanna provides a wide range of products to integrate seamlessly with your development and build environments. This minimizes process change and ensures that bugs are diagnosed at the earliest possible phase of development, before the cost of fixing them becomes prohibitive.

Goanna Studio plugs in to IDE’s available from leading vendors such as Atmel, Atollic, Eclipse, Freescale, Infineon, Mentor Graphics, Microsoft, QNX, Texas Instruments, and Wind River. There is no need for developers to switch between external tools. This saves time, improves clarity, and enhances productivity.

Goanna Central is a standalone product designed for servers and command line environments. Goanna Central can be configured as a front end for almost any compiler, augmenting its output with the results of its deep static source code analysis. Goanna Central is also the product of choice for integration with IDE’s that run external compiler and command line tools, from vendors such as IAR and Keil.

Underlying all products in the lineup is the Goanna analysis engine, which is path-aware, supports whole-program interprocedural analysis, and performs value analysis on your program variables to deliver more precise results for detecting serious bugs.

RaptorSSC - Risk Appreciation. Do projects benefit?

With today's increased accountability through Governance and Compliance requirements, would your IT project benefit from a comprehensive risk appreciation and its resulting risk management plan? A comprehensive risk management plan provides an auditable trail of your projects controls and review mechanisms to inform and complement your project plan.

Risk as a component of management responsibility is being analysed far more nowadays due to the increasing costs of getting things wrong - and the increase penalties if these things cause someone some form of harm. Symmetry Innovations P/L have taken a financial interest in a firm (Raptor SSC) that provides risk appreciations and delivers for clients comprehensive risk management plans. Raptor SSC's risk appreciation process takes steps beyond contemporary risk assessment to ensure your project identifies and analyses the risks to your IT project from operational, financial, personnel and reputation risk domain perspectives.

IT projects have a reputation for being difficult to bring in on time and within budget, while still delivering the envisaged operational outcomes. Raptor SSC's risk appreciations and comprehensive risk management plans provides your IT Project manager the wherewithal to map and monitor the suite of risks that can impact on your project. The comprehensive risk management plan will give your IT Project manager the tools to either, confirm and report successful achievement of project milestones, or to bring the project back on track before critical issues arise.

In the QNX market we don't see software project failures very often at all. This may reflect the nature of the companies or developers that seek QNX software solutions for their developmental and operational requirements. In any case, the projects still carry risks and these should be fully understood and articulated from the outset.

For further information of Raptor SSC's risk appreciation process visit

Free Training?

Sorry about the delay - I mentioned this before Christmas. Now its time to set some dates.

Boot Camp One - April 22nd and 23rd 2013 - Canberra

Boot Camp Two - May 2nd and 3rd 2013 - Canberra

Call us about free, or very-low-cost, training early this year. Call it a "Boot Camp" if you like. Please get in early - the cost is just you getting to Canberra and spending a nigh or two. We are certified for most of the QNX training courses and have been training QNX for many years. At the same time we have capacity to offer introduction to Python and QT in the QNX environment - which is transferable knowledge to other platforms.

Take a look at the courses available on the QNX Website and get an idea what you need. We also have 3, 4 and 5 day courses covering general QNX Realtime programming.

Note that we will now also be able to introduce you to Goanna - initially in the Ecliipse Momentics environment.

For more information use the links at the right or contact:

Robert Cameron
Symmetry Innovations Pty.
Unit 1, 6 Dacre Street
Mitchell, Australia
ACT 2911
Tel: +61 2 6248 6611
Fax: +61 2 6248 8383

15 Mar 2013

Christmas Break 2012

Symmetry Innovations P/L
News Boost

Merry Christmas and reminder - Symmetry has Moved

Christmas Break - 17th Dec to 14th Jan 2013
new address:

Unit 1, 6 Dacre Street
Mitchell ACT 2911

While Symmetry Innovations Pty. Ltd. are still based in Canberra and our phones and GPO box all remain the same we have moved to new and larger premisis in Mitchell. This will allow us to expand our in house capability and give something back to our community.

Our full contact details are:





+61 2 6248 6611

GPO Box 3255,
Canberra City ACT 2601

Unit 1/6 Dacre Street,
Mitchell ACT 2911, Australia

New Logo

We love QNX - you will too - FREE EVALUATION

Download the QNX Software Development Platform


t: +61 2 62486611 | f: +61 2 62488383
e: | w:

17 Dec 2012

Seasons Greetings from Symmetry and QNX Software Systems

QNX and Symmetry wishing you a safe and happy festive season 2012
Seasons Greetings
Symmetry Innovations wishes you a safe and happy festive season 2012

Click Image to view on website.


Download the QNX Software Development Platform


Register and get started immediately



Don't want this email!

  • Please go to the bottom of the email and press the link to be removed - Thanks and sorry if it bothered you. I admit I added everyone I communicated with this year so please accept my seasons wishes and remove yourself from the list so you do not get any further technical emails. Thanks again - Rob.

Merry Christmas to you all. With this newsletter I offer a little collection of webinars to relax with over the break.

Symmetry has been busy again this year with new and existing projects. After 12 years in our old office we moved to Mitchell to be closer to industry and get a bit more space.

With QSSL reinvigoration of the QNX product - through strengthening their medical, automation, and appliance partnerships - we have been working hard to keep pace. There are compelling reference systems for Automotive, Medical and Automation which are certainly worth a look.

Items in this mail are:

Christmas downtime - Webinars.

There have been a lot of webinars during 2012 and the short list below provide a quick view of QNX in General Embedded, Medical and Industrial automation.

Relax and enjoy.

A larger list - if you need the diversion.

Symmetry Training Options 2012.

Free Training?

Call us about free, or very-low-cost, training in mid Feburary 13 to Mid March 13. We are certified for most of the QNX training courses and have been training QNX for many years. At the same time we have capacity to offer introduction to Python and QT in the QNX environment - which is transferrable knowledge to other platforms.

Take a look at the courses available on the QNX Website and get an idea what you need. We also have 3, 4 and 5 day courses covering general QNX Realtime programming.

For more information use the links at the right or contact:

Robert Cameron
Symmetry Innovations Pty.
Unit 1, 6 Dacre Street
Mitchell, Australia
ACT 2911
Tel: +61 2 6248 6611
Fax: +61 2 6248 8383

13 Dec 2012

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