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Static Analysis for C and C++ with broad platform support.

Looking for code quality?
Goanna Static Analysis
a Tool for all C/C++ developers.

Sliced Bread and Bottled Beer simply don't hold a candle to the Goanna Static Analysis tools suite - if you're a C/C++ programmer. Or indeed if you are managing a software team tasked with getting a quality outcome. Goanna is the best thing to emerge in the Static Analysis arena for a long time. There are some great tools that have been servicing the bigger projects for a long time. If you are using one of them - stick with it. If not - you should be. In which case I invite you to give Goanna a serious look.

Projects appear to be more tightly resourced than they have ever been. Staff are doing more autonomously than I believe was previously expected. What has suffered is process.

Process included top down specification of the application, design reviews at every level, and so on. You know the drill - we all learned it. So why do we hear that code reviews are rarely performed and that developers are working in towers? Its not rare. Also there are many single developer projects lumbering the search for rare and sporadic software failures on the lone developer.

Bring in some help. Tools are better at helping us visualise and test our code than ever before. But C and C++ are powerful languages. This is good for the wise and experienced and fun for the bold and daring.

The Motor Industry discovered long ago that certain coding constructs and behavior resulted in software issues - so they developed some rules. There are various sets of rules and a variety of applications (tools) designed to find suspect bits of code in your source files.

What is Goanna?
Goanna is an industry leading static analysis tool that detects a wide range of bugs, vulnerabilities, and general deficiencies in C/C++ source code. Goanna Studio is tightly integrated in Visual Studio (Windows) and Eclipse (Windows/Linux).

Goanna supports a number of industry standards for C and C++:

Cutting Edge Technology Goanna uses advanced model checking technology delivering highly efficient path coverage for all functions.

Whole Program Interprocedural Analysis Goanna Studio supports whole program analysis for checking, e.g., that null pointers are not passed on and dereferenced in other functions.

Incremental Analysis Goanna Studio generates digital fingerprints of earlier analyzed functions and prevents potentially costly re-analysis when the function has not changed.

Abstract Data Value Tracking Goanna Studio automatically tracks potential ranges of variables, detecting possible array overruns, overflows, and arithmetic errors.

Over 200 Classes of Checks Growing number of high-value checks ensure that even more critical bugs can be found at development time. An in-depth list of checks can be found in the distribution available for download and in the user manuals.

Analyze Files, Projects, and Solutions Goanna Studio for Visual Studio supports the analysis of whole solutions, single projects and even selected set of files for quick analysis.

Unique Path Simulator Goanna Studio can "replay" bugs directly in the IDE to better understand its cause.

Reporting and Exporting Analysis results can be filtered by file and defect type, and exported in CSV format for further triage.

>> Still Reading? - well you may be interested in this :- Java developers are not imune. It's oldish but interesting:

We can't help you with Java - yet.

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9 May 2013

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