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Symmetry April 2013 Newsletter - CEBIT and Free Training Invitations

Symmetry March 2013 Newsletter - CEBIT and Free Training Invitations
Symmetry News:

QNX in medicine

SMX V4.1

Goanna Static Analysis

and CEBIT.

Happy Easter!

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QNX Software Development Platform.
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The year is well under way and projects are really ramped up. We have also been a little busy trying to give something back. Take a look at the PyQNX6 pages.

With so many projects now being bedded down on very functional MCUs the guys at Micro Digital have been working hard to support the most popular chips with very functional BSPs - while at the same time have managed to release a substantial upgrade to the SMX RTOS with Version 4.1 out now.

We will be presenting these and the QNX Medical product offerings at CEBIT in May. Please come along and be prepared to spend a little time working with the tools.

Items in this mail are:

QNX - the medical offering (IEC62304).

The QNX® Neutrino® RTOS for medical devices is a key component of QNX Software Systems’ solution for medical device manufacturers. It is designed to help medical customers meet stringent regulatory requirements by reducing the time and effort needed in pre-market qualification activities.

With the growing complexity of today’s medical devices, regulatory scrutiny is becoming more stringent. Choosing a pre-qualified component with a known pedigree can significantly aid in the qualification process. The QNX Neutrino RTOS for medical devices is qualified by an independent third party to be compliant with IEC 62304, a standard for "Medical device software – Software life cycle processes". The product is supported on ARM, Power, and x86 processors.

The QNX Neutrino RTOS for medical devices contains:
Binaries for microkernel and process manager, with support for adaptive partitioning and multicore processors Independent third-party declaration of compliance to IEC 62304 Installation and usage guide.

There have been a lot of webinars during 2012 but just take a look at this one for Medical projects.

We will be showing the medical reference design at CEBIT so come and take a look. QNX Reference Design Page.

SMX V4.1 - Introduced

SMX® is a no-royalty, modular, multitasking RTOS for embedded systems developed by Micro Digital.

It offers: multitasking kernel and kernel awareness debugger plugin, TCP/IP stack, FAT and flash file systems, USB host stack, USB device stack, USB OTG, WiFi 802.11 stack, GUI, and IEEE 754 floating point library.

The focus of the SMX RTOS, and the smx kernel in particular, is to increase safety, security, and reliability of embedded systems, and to offer features, tools, and support needed to ease application development so projects finish on time. This is in contrast to thin RTOS alternatives that have simplistic code, inadequate documentation, superficial debug tools, and poor support.

Are you interested in any of these boards?

  • LPC1768-SK
  • LPC1788-SK
  • LPC2148-SK
  • LPC2478-SK
  • STM32F207ZG-SK
  • STM32F407ZG-SK
  • STR711-SK
  • STR750-SK
  • STR912-SK
  • TMS470R1B1M-SK

Then check out the evaluation kits:

SMX® Free Evaluation Kits are available for these KickStart boards.

GOANNA - Finally a Static Analysis tool that integrates with ease.

Goanna provides a wide range of products to integrate seamlessly with your development and build environments. This minimizes process change and ensures that bugs are diagnosed at the earliest possible phase of development, before the cost of fixing them becomes prohibitive.

Goanna Studio plugs in to IDE’s available from leading vendors such as Atmel, Atollic, Eclipse, Freescale, Infineon, Mentor Graphics, Microsoft, QNX, Texas Instruments, and Wind River. There is no need for developers to switch between external tools. This saves time, improves clarity, and enhances productivity.

Goanna Central is a standalone product designed for servers and command line environments. Goanna Central can be configured as a front end for almost any compiler, augmenting its output with the results of its deep static source code analysis. Goanna Central is also the product of choice for integration with IDE’s that run external compiler and command line tools, from vendors such as IAR and Keil.

Underlying all products in the lineup is the Goanna analysis engine, which is path-aware, supports whole-program interprocedural analysis, and performs value analysis on your program variables to deliver more precise results for detecting serious bugs.

RaptorSSC - Risk Appreciation. Do projects benefit?

With today's increased accountability through Governance and Compliance requirements, would your IT project benefit from a comprehensive risk appreciation and its resulting risk management plan? A comprehensive risk management plan provides an auditable trail of your projects controls and review mechanisms to inform and complement your project plan.

Risk as a component of management responsibility is being analysed far more nowadays due to the increasing costs of getting things wrong - and the increase penalties if these things cause someone some form of harm. Symmetry Innovations P/L have taken a financial interest in a firm (Raptor SSC) that provides risk appreciations and delivers for clients comprehensive risk management plans. Raptor SSC's risk appreciation process takes steps beyond contemporary risk assessment to ensure your project identifies and analyses the risks to your IT project from operational, financial, personnel and reputation risk domain perspectives.

IT projects have a reputation for being difficult to bring in on time and within budget, while still delivering the envisaged operational outcomes. Raptor SSC's risk appreciations and comprehensive risk management plans provides your IT Project manager the wherewithal to map and monitor the suite of risks that can impact on your project. The comprehensive risk management plan will give your IT Project manager the tools to either, confirm and report successful achievement of project milestones, or to bring the project back on track before critical issues arise.

In the QNX market we don't see software project failures very often at all. This may reflect the nature of the companies or developers that seek QNX software solutions for their developmental and operational requirements. In any case, the projects still carry risks and these should be fully understood and articulated from the outset.

For further information of Raptor SSC's risk appreciation process visit

Free Training?

Sorry about the delay - I mentioned this before Christmas. Now its time to set some dates.

Boot Camp One - April 22nd and 23rd 2013 - Canberra

Boot Camp Two - May 2nd and 3rd 2013 - Canberra

Call us about free, or very-low-cost, training early this year. Call it a "Boot Camp" if you like. Please get in early - the cost is just you getting to Canberra and spending a nigh or two. We are certified for most of the QNX training courses and have been training QNX for many years. At the same time we have capacity to offer introduction to Python and QT in the QNX environment - which is transferable knowledge to other platforms.

Take a look at the courses available on the QNX Website and get an idea what you need. We also have 3, 4 and 5 day courses covering general QNX Realtime programming.

Note that we will now also be able to introduce you to Goanna - initially in the Ecliipse Momentics environment.

For more information use the links at the right or contact:

Robert Cameron
Symmetry Innovations Pty.
Unit 1, 6 Dacre Street
Mitchell, Australia
ACT 2911
Tel: +61 2 6248 6611
Fax: +61 2 6248 8383

15 Mar 2013

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