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Symmetry Innovations Longreach Support Plan


We take great pride in our Longreach Priority Support Plan, designed with the professional developer in mind. As a Longreach member, you are entitled to an array of service offerings that provide you with a higher and more dedicated level of support than that provided by the standard support offering of our suppliers.

In addition to the services offered to you as a member of our suppliers’ standard support plans, Longreach Support members are entitled to a variety of premium service offerings that are integral to the success of any software project — services such as :

1.      Priority Service

2.      Planning and orientation session (Longreach Plus)

3.      Application of support resources directed to where you need them

4.      Standard 10% discount on SI training, consulting, and contract development rates

5.      Hosting of custom hardware devices

The Longreach family of support plans are based on the utilization of SI engineering resources, and can be applied across all of our product lines. Your subscription provides you with a number of hours support as a base. Once you utilize your support hours allocation, you merely order another bank of hours. Depending on the differing requirements for your project, you can create a bank for what you feel appropriate (discounts apply for larger banks of support hours).

Priority Service

SI Longreach support customers are provided with priority service depending on the level of Longreach product with which they subscribe. The higher the plan (ie. Larger the bank of hours), the higher the priority.

Longreach Plus - Planning an Orientation

Each Longreach Plus support plan includes one day of on-site consulting by one of SI’s engineering staff. Use this day however you wish – perhaps a design review, porting review, installation, or an initial introduction to QNX. You choose the consulting that would best suit your needs.

Application of resources

Longreach customers can direct SI to utilize their Longreach Support Plan hours in areas such as, but not limited to :

1.      Beta/pre-release products (though beta support is normally provided through the beta program - please refer to your beta agreement for applicable support provisions)

2.      Problems caused by any modifications made by you or by any third party to any of the software provided by Symmetry

3.      Design-level information about our products, as known by SI engineering staff

4.      Critiquing your source code.

5.      Designing, writing, or debugging your applications.

6.      Application development.

7.      Preparing custom drivers or board support packages.

It is up to you to decide how you want us to spend the support hours you have in your bank.


Symmetry Innovations’ have a combined 50+ years of embedded engineering experience in house. SI’s engineering staff have a host of experience across a wide range of vertical market applications, and hardware/driver experience – and of course in the products we promote.

Longreach customers can not only take advantage of this experience through our training, consulting, and contract services, but also enjoy a 10% discount (excluding expenses).

Hosting of custom devices

For Longreach Plan members, we are willing to host one custom target hardware device at our premises. This will allow our engineers to become familiar with your hardware platform and will accelerate our ability to reproduce and isolate problems you are encountering.

Please note that our hosting of such hardware does not imply that we promise to provide support for your specific platform; only that it will be used as appropriate to determine the cause of your problems.


Please note the following terms apply to the Longreach Priority Support Plans:

1.      As a prerequisite for the Longreach Priority Support Plan, you must have a valid Standard Support Plan for each supplied product.

2.      Plan Members who use more than their purchased hours will be notified. If all credits have been used, then any additional services will be provided on a time and material basis until an upgraded plan has been established.

3.      Plan Members can provide three (3) contact names per Longreach Support contract.

4.      Support is based on released versions, and corresponding private fixes to current releases provided through this agreement, of supplied software and is limited to only hardware components that are supported by such software.

5.      Consulting and custom engineering services are outside the scope of this plan except as expressly outlined within the plan.

6.      Plan members are responsible for the cost of shipping any custom hardware to/from our offices, including all incidental costs (e.g., taxes, duties, etc.).

7.      Longreach support services are provided on a best efforts basis. In rare cases, customer support requirements may dictate the additional subscription of a QSS support plan.


All terms and conditions for the Symmetry Innovations suppliers’ Standard Support Plans apply in conjunction with the conditions herein.

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